If you look forward to a career in the healthcare field, a health services administration degree in Kissimmee FL is among your options. Besides, it allows you to bolster your career path with excellent foundational skills. Unsure about health services administration classes? This article looks into what to know and expect with a healthcare administrator’s title.


What Duties And Responsibilities Follow A Health Services Administration Degree Kissimmee FL?

Generally, healthcare administrators oversee the day-to-day running of a hospital, clinic, and any other type of medical facility. In most cases, the duties vary based on the particular job title.

But you can expect any of these general responsibilities:

  • Keeping, organizing, and updating facility records.
  • Preparing and tracking the budget.
  • Recruiting, training, and supervising staff.
  • Making and adjusting work schedules.
  • Communicating with medical staff and departmental heads.

What Skills Do You Learn From Health Services Administration Classes?

Since all the tasks contribute to the seamless running of the facility, healthcare administrators must know how to multitask. This calls for excellent multitasking skills with a keen interest in the small and big details. More crucial skills include budgeting, problem-solving, developing goals, organization, and communication.


What Are The Odds Of Finding A Healthcare Administration Job?

Healthcare careers are always in demand, and the health services administration is no exception. Yet, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts growth in the medical secretaries’ market by 11% as of 2030. The organization calculates the median annual wage for medical and health services managers to be $35760. This differs based on experience and career.

Careers in healthcare administration include:

  • Administrative Coordinator
  • Operations Assistant
  • Medical Secretary
  • Patient Service Representative
  • Administrative Support Specialist


Healthcare Administration Vs. Healthcare Management

Is there a difference between the two? People often confuse them because managers and administrators perform almost the same duties in any setting. In this case, they all organize and manage the healthcare community. Still, both roles have varying responsibilities.

While healthcare administration concentrates on the day-to-day operations, including but not limited to budgeting and staffing, healthcare management focuses on the needs of a whole healthcare organization. With healthcare administration, an associate’s degree prepares you for entry-level jobs. On the other hand, a bachelor’s degree in healthcare management provides entry to more advanced roles.


Where Can I Have My Health Services Administration Classes in Kissimmee FL?

Florida International College offers a career in health services administration and healthcare management to give students the liberty to choose what suits them best. In only 16 months, you can earn your associate degree in healthcare administration. Bachelor’s degrees may take approximately 36 months. If you are already in the healthcare industry and wish for more opportunities with advanced learning, an MHA in healthcare administration or healthcare management may be ideal. These certify you for high-level job titles in the profession, including a clinical director.


Looking to start a health services administration degree in Kissimmee FL?

This career path can be rewarding for those who wish to play a significant role in healthcare minus the typical doctor-nurse duties. Even with an entry-level role, the pay is more rewarding than in most industries. Be sure to commence your health services administration classes in a reputable institution like Florida International College. This boosts trust from potential employers and the chances of getting employed faster, get in touch with us.

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