A traveling nurse is a registered nurse who specializes in filling temporary positions in places of high demand. They are trained to offer help in a place where there is a need for helping hands. In addition, they need emergencies like during a pandemic, when there is an environmental epidemic, or when hospitals or clinics are short of staff.

Unlike any other registered nurse, they do not work in a permanent location. Their duties are performed in short times and are always in high need. They are just as significant as other registered nurses in the nursing industry.


What Does A Traveling Nurse Do?

Traveling nurses offer help at healthcare facilities with low staff. Using a signed contract, they work temporarily, providing care to patients. They are highly skilled at handling urgent and chaotic situations. As a result, they easily blend in with other nurses even though the healthcare facility may be unfamiliar to them.

Furthermore, the work of a traveling nurse is based on a contract. They can work at a particular location for weeks or months, depending on whether their expertise is still needed. They can then move on to take up roles in other places.


Where Can They Work?     

A travel nurse can work in medical organizations such as hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. They can also travel to schools and patients’ homes to administer medical care like checking blood pressure, inspecting wounds, and giving vaccinations.

Interestingly, with a phlebotomy certification, a travel nurse can also offer help as a phlebotomist (a professional who helps withdraw blood).


What Do You Need To Be A Travel Nurse?

  1. To be a qualified travel nurse, you should undertake LPN programs at accredited schools like Florida International College to have an ASN degree.
  2. With an associate degree in nursing, you can progress to take the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) to be a registered nurse (RN).
  3. You will need to acquire enough experience working as a registered nurse before having a license. You can decide to specialize in a particular niche like Orthopedic or Neonatal, gaining accurate knowledge with the required skill.
  4. After acquiring a license, you can register at a Travel nurse staffing agency. They will be in charge of offering you contracts and access to recruiters.

Become A Travel Nurse!

Becoming a travel nurse is as cumbersome as pursuing other life careers. However, we make things simple with our programs for nursing at Florida International College. You can enroll in your LPN program, get your ASN degree and even get a Phlebotomy certification within three years. All you need to do is visit our page or contact us to register for our nursing program today.

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