Florida International College


A.S. Degree Progam / 56 Credit Hours

Program Objective

The International Hospitality and Tourism degree program offers students a broad foundation of knowledge of the functions of the various segments in the hospitality and tourism industry. Students will be introduced to management concepts of key departments, including, food and beverage and front office. Students will also be able to understand business communication and applicable laws and regulations.

Program Description

Duration: 18-24 months

The International Hospitality and Tourism degree program develop understanding and knowledge to function as a key member of the travel and hotel industry. Graduates of the program will be able to understand and describe the geographic, economic, and cultural factors of tourism and how the factors influence the hospitality and tourism industries. Career fields open to graduates include travel agencies, tour operations, hotels, resorts, convention centers, and regional tourism offices. Student will develop an understanding and appreciation of sustainability in tourism and demonstrate strong interpersonal skills pertaining to customer and guest services.

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