Do you know a hospitality management degree can significantly bump your salary, thereby impacting your lifetime earnings? Are you contemplating having a hospitality management degree in Kissimmee, Fl, but unsure what hospitality and tourism management is and what it will bring to your table? Let us take you on a quick journey to enlighten you on what it is, what it entails, and how you can benefit.


What Is Hospitality And Tourism Management?

Hospitality and tourism management is a course dealing with the administrative works of a hotel or resort. It comprises management, marketing, and supervising the hotel’s operations, like food services, lodging, attractions, recreational events, and travel services. In addition, a hospitality manager is responsible for the guests’ warm welcome and good care, ensuring they enjoy and have quality enjoyment at the recreational home.

With a hotel & restaurant management degree in Kissimmee, Fl, you get an opportunity to oversee a hotel’s activities and departments, ensuring your guests have a pleasant experience in your establishment in terms of their food, accommodation and, recreational enjoyments, and relaxing moments.


What Does Hospitality And Tourism Management Entail?

First, to be an excellent hospitality manager, you must have certain personality traits that make you good with people. You will need a motivational personality that qualifies you to handle your guests properly by always putting their needs first and making them feel special and welcomed. In addition, you will also need to be communicative and decisive.

Good communication skills will earn you the trust and respect of staff and motivate them to talk to you in case of any problems before it attracts the guests’ attention. You will also need to make quick and excellent decisions, even under pressure, because your staff will always look up to you for guidance. If you are sure you have these personalities, then it would be best to consider getting a hospitality management degree in Kissimmee, Fl.


How Does A Hotel & Restaurant Degree In Kissimmee, Fl Benefit You?

Among the many benefits of being a hospitality manager is the deep sense of excitement, fulfillment, and pride that results when a guest commends you for a job well done or leaves a good review. You will also enjoy good pay even though you may have to work odd hours. According to the May 2016 Bureau of Labor Statistics, a lodging manager receives a median annual wage of $51,840, depending on several factors.


Enroll For A Course Now!

Hospitality and tourism management may be stressful, but no doubt it is a career you will enjoy and should pursue. Have you been googling on the internet for a “hospitality management degree near me?” Then, Florida International College is the right place to go. We offer an intensive program to our students, exposing them to the broad foundation and functions of the hospitality and tourism industry. You can be a pro within the 18-24 months of teaching. Contact us today to enroll!

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