Nursing is among the most desirable and sought-after professions due to the respect, attention, and prestige that comes with being a nurse and the passion people have for this great field in the health sector. Pursuing an associate degree in nursing is worthwhile as it allows you to be eligible for employment due to the basic technical skills and knowledge you must have acquired and also gives you the edge of furthering your career as a certified nurse.

Interestingly, having an associate degree in nursing (ADN) may not be as hard as you think. You can enroll in LPN (Licensed practical nursing) programs in vocational schools like Florida International, which generally run for up to 15 months. You might enroll in a school that offers other associate nursing programs, like an ASN (associate of science in nursing) degree.

As a year one student studying nursing, you will need to know these basic details about Nursing:



A nurse’s salary depends on the education or vocational training received. Based on the information received from the U.S Bureau of Labor and Statistics in 2021, as of 2019, Nursing assistants receive a mean pay of $30,720. LPN/LVN receives a mean income of $48,500, registered nurses receive a mean salary of $77,460, nurse practitioners receive a mean pay of $111,840, and CNM receives a mean payment of $108,810, and CRNA receives a mean income of $181,040. In contrast, Nurse teachers and instructors receive a mean salary of $83,160.


Career Options

There are different educational paths in which you can specialize in nursing. Obtaining a degree in any career depends on the time and finance you are ready to sacrifice. Below is a list of career options in Nursing;

  •   Registered Nurse (RN)
  •   Nursing Assistants
  •   Licensed Practical Nurse/ Licensed Vocational Nurse
  •   Nurse Practitioners (NP)
  •   Nurse Anesthetist
  •   Nurse Midwife
  •   Nursing instructors and teachers


Success Tips

A lot of dedication and hard work are required to be a nursing school graduate. Degrees like ADN and ASN are obtained from vocational schools and require a heavy investment of time and energy. Here are the top 4 tips for a successful nursing career;

  •   Set academic goals and choose learning styles. Be strict with your learning style.
  •   Set your schedules based on priority.
  •   Have a consistent study group.
  •   Rest and practice self-care.


Register To Get An Associate Degree In Nursing!

Enroll in LPN programs at Florida International College. Our LPN program spans 15 months, at the end of which, you will be eligible to take the NCLEX-PN examination. You will gain the theoretical knowledge and clinical skills to work as a competent nurse. Contact us or visit our page today!

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