You can undergo a bachelor’s degree in any other discipline for various reasons. But if theater rooms and nursing patients are for you, there isn’t much you can do to stop your heart’s desires. The good news is you can go through accelerated nursing programs to finish your nursing degree faster. They let you utilize the credits you earned in your previous degree.

Follow Your True Path With Accelerated Nursing Programs!

If Covid has taught us something, the healthcare system is a critical part of society. And just like doctors, nurses are equally important. If you want to join the healthcare community through nursing, here is all you need to know about ABSN.


How Does Accelerated BSN Work?

Once you are done with your ABSN, you will have completed all the same nursing courses and clinical experience as a regular BSN program. You can earn the degree in less than two years by utilizing previous credits to meet the non-nursing requirements. It’s more like jumping into the real nursing stuff.

Still, you may require to complete some prerequisites based on the course you already pursued. Students often do not meet the sciences requirements like microbiology, inorganic chemistry, and anatomy. But that’s not the end of the road since the institution of choice will offer prerequisite courses before the accelerated program starts.


How Long Does BSN Take?

Your accelerated nursing program is a demanding and full-time engagement and can last between 11 to 18 months, including 700 to 800 clinical hours. It incorporates supervised clinical hours at your local medical facility; breaks are usually not allowed between course sessions. Your classes will mainly consist of nursing courses that prepare you for your career. They include Introduction to Professional Nursing, Pharmacology, Care Planning and Management, Cardiac and Critical Care, and more.


Can You Study Online?

Yes, you can! Most institutions avail online classes. But this won’t be possible for the required clinical experience, which has to be done in person and at a facility. Online programs are great if you have other commitments like work or a family.


Convenience With Fast Track LNPs!

Do you have a busy lifestyle or schedule and still want to catch up with your nursing career? You can do it online at your convenience. It’s no secret that online learning is flexible. Yet, you don’t compromise in-class instructions. So, how does it work? The programs allow lectures and classes on online platforms, with clinical and laboratory experiences being left for the weekends and evenings.

The Certificate of Completion for Fast Tracking Nursing Programs means that students have the required knowledge and skills to work as practical nurses in various settings. These include acute and intensive care. Graduates can become licensed practical nurses by taking the National Council Licensure Examination.


Are Accelerated Nursing Programs Similar To Bridge Programs?

No, they are not.

The former is suitable for those who have pursued non-nursing degrees to earn their BSN quickly using credits. The latter is designed for nurses who wish to build upon the acquired knowledge or experience. In most cases, licensed practical nurses take up bridge programs for their BSN.

If you feel that a nursing career would give you satisfaction, you should go for it! And it just got better since you can use accelerated nursing programs for the transition to spend fewer years studying. At the same time, you should pursue the program at a credible institution like Florida International College. 

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